What is epilepsy travel insurance and why you’ll need it

What is epilepsy travel insurance and why you’ll need it

If you happen to suffer from epilepsy or another disorder likely to trigger fits or seizures, you should consider travel insurance to be a crucial investment when preparing for your next holiday and pay specific attention to towards looking to buy epilepsy travel insurance.

You’re certainly not alone in this boat. It’s thought that nearly half a million people suffer from epilepsy in the UK, with over 40 different variations tying them to the condition. At home, having epilepsy is perhaps less of a problem than it could be. You know where you can find medical care and the best people to contact in the event of an incident. Only when you’re abroad, it becomes a slightly different matter.

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You still know what’s likely to inflame your condition, although you might be slightly less aware of nearby medical services and how much your treatment will cost. This is why specialist travel insurance providers have created a policy for people just like you, who may require a little more
peace of mind than others.

The best way to ensure ease and comfort on your break is to get covered by a specialist travel insurance policy for your condition. Here’s what you’ll gain by doing so.

What it covers

 The main difference between an epilepsy policy and standard travel insurance is the screening process attached with the former.

Mainstream providers tend to overcharge those with epilepsy due to pre-conceived views that they pose a risk. It’s a fair approach in some ways as they need to evaluate how much attention each customer is likely to require when abroad. However, this sees all sufferers of epilepsy placed in the same category when it comes to grading the condition.

A specialist provider will look at you as an individual, asking you specific questions to determine exactly how much of a risk you pose. You’ll therefore pay for the cover you need.

A typical policy will cover the loss or damage of medical aids and prescribed medication along with all your personal possessions. Like a regular policy, you’ll also benefit from journey disruption and trip cancellation cover.

To add to these benefits, medical expenses cover will usually range from a higher amount through a specialist policy. Typical limits will enter the millions should you require as much to gain the necessary treatment, while you’ll be guaranteed speedy assistance through a 24-hour medical helpline.

Why you’ll need it 

Why do you need to search for an epilepsy policy? Well, you’ll struggle to find cost-effective cover elsewhere. Whether it’s because of your condition or age, standard providers don’t tend to cater for individuals. They’ve got millions of quotes to deal out and it’s within their best interests to provide a standard quote each time. You’ll need a company that’s willing to listen in order to get the best deal. In this case, it’s always wise to opt for the specialist treatment.

There’s also an improved standard of medical assistance to consider. Just knowing that you’ve got a 24-hour helpline to call upon should help you enjoy the sun, sea and sand a little more. There’s no telling when the unforeseen will spring a shock on you, although you can guarantee you’re fully prepared with a specialist policy.

Lastly, most providers will even cover your travel partners along the way. For instance, if you had to cancel your holiday due to a medically related problem, your whole party would be refunded. This may not have been the case with a standard policy, regardless of whether your companions wish to carry on with their plans or not.

It’s for these reasons that you should go for the policy designed for you!

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