Travel Amazing Indian Destinations for Lip Smacking Delicacies

Indian spices and delicacies are famous worldwide and have takers from all over the world. This country is not only famous for its rich culture, history, traditions, customs and beliefs but it is equally famous for its aromatic spices and flavorful curries. If you think that the oily and extra spicy snacks are unhealthy for you and keep you away from having them then plan a visit to these below mentioned Indian destinations which will make you fall in love with the street foods which they offer, no matter how oily and spicy they are you will definitely want more.


This electronic city is not famous only for the IT companies but it is famous for the authentic taste of South Indian food which is available only in Bengaluru. This city beats every other Indian city when it comes to lip smacking taste and authenticity of South Indian dishes. Here you can have the traditional meal which is served on banana leaf. Moreover explore the streets of Bengaluru and have delicious crispy hot dosas with sambhar and enjoy idlies and vadas with chutney if you want don’t want to have heavy snacks.


It is the second home to hippies and party animals. This beach destination of India is always frequented by travelers of all ages and here one can have delectable cuisine which the travelers can relish while beach bumming. However the specialty of Goa is its authentic and traditional Goan cuisine.  You can have authentic sea food in Goa however there are several vegetarian restaurants as well. Some of the must try delicacies of Goa are pickled tea leaf salad, tuna teriyaki, Rotisserie chicken, Eclairs, Indo-Portuguese lunch and Royale pizza etc.


Delhi is famous for offering delectable street food and this amazing food capital of India has something to offer each and every one. While visiting Delhi do not fear about the hygiene of the street foods of Delhi because street food of Delhi is so lip smacking that you will surely not think about the hygiene. Moreover government in Delhi has started to educate the street vendors about the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. Explore this amazing city and have fun while exploring the stunning attractions and taste the tempting street food. Do not miss to try the chaat, golgappas and authentic mughlai food at the streets of Old Delhi.


If you think that Rajasthan is only known for its splendorous and marvelous architectural beauty of the forts and palaces then you are mistaken because this Indian state is also famous its authentic Rajasthani cuisine. While exploring the marvelous attractions of Rajsthan do not forget to try dishes like daal baati churma, laal maas, ker sangria and chutneys too. Rajasthani cuisine is a tempting delight for the lovers of spicy food.


Mumbai is renowned and is quite famous for its piquant street food. Mumbaiya food is quite limited to Bhajiya, Vada Paav, Missal Pav and Bhelpuri but there are many places in Mumbai which are famous for serving delicacies with Mumbaiya twist. You can also enjoy milk shake of exotic fruits, chicken mughlai, Iranian parsi dish and many other delectable dishes as well in Mumbai.


Punjab is well known or its finger licking food which is famous worldwide because of its tempting taste and aroma of the spices used. Punjab is however called as the “Food Bowl of India”. Amritsar is a famous destination in Punjab which is famous not just for Golden temple but for the lip smacking food. The streets of Amritsar are filled with numerous stalls of rich lassi, stuffed paranthas, cholley kulche and other Punjabi delicacies which will surely leave you wanting more. Visit the serene Amritsar and try the mouth watering dishes but no not forget to have the taste of the langar served at Golden Temple.


If macher jhol is your favorite main course dish and Kolkatan cuisine is your favorite among all the other cuisines of various other states and cities of India then explore the busy lanes of Kolkata and eat to your heart’s content. If at all you plan Kolkata tour then you should definitely explore the street food of Kolkata which includes delectable fish based dishes, fish tikkas and amazing masala chai, these delicacies will surely make your day if you are a hardcore foodie. The trail to this beautiful city ends on a sweet note with none other than the famous sweet dish of Kolkata; i.e. Sandesh.


Explore the capital city of Mughal Era which has evolved and has a distinct Mughalai flavor. Here at this city you can have vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes and also authentic Mughalai dishes. Savor the taste of all the local dishes of Agra and do not forget to have delicious petha in Agra.


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