Top 5 wedding destinations in the world

Top 5 wedding destinations in the world

Wedding is considered one of the best moments for a couple. Getting a wedding destination that meets a couple’s needs poses a great challenge as the day beckons. It brings with it anxiety especially when proper plans are not articulated for such a big day despite the availability of finances. Logistical issues can hinder smooth running of the occasion when the right destination is not carefully selected. The following are the top five wedding destinations across the globe.


Sandals Grande Antigua Resort
Located in Antigua, Sandals Antigua Resort and Spa has been voted as the leading honeymoon destination in the world. Calling it a paradise is nothing short of an understatement. It boasts of white powdery sandy beaches surrounded with whispering palms adjacent to crystal clear waters which provide an allure of freshness beyond measure. Famously known for the white sands of Dickenson Bay, the Sandal Grande Antiqua Resort comprises of picturesque cottages. It is also home to a glamorous Caribbean village bordering lavish and neatly manicured tropical gardens endorsing it as the perfect hideaway for newly-married couples on honeymoon.

Sandals Jamaica Grande Riviera Ocho Rios Beach and Villa Resort
It is located between the opulent St. Ann Mountains and the Caribbean Sea. Fondly referred as the real Garden of Eden, the latter-day Adam and Eve can overindulge albeit with no price to pay, at least spiritually. It has a lot to offer. These include complimentary golf, quaint cottages enclosed by deluxe tropical cottages, terraces on the hillside slanting towards the beach, European spa with the exclusion of treatments. Also, you have eight dining options as well as scuba diving. There are three swimming pools available, one of them secluded for an intimate pair.

St Lucia Grande Resort and Spa
This opulent beach resort adopted an old-style by the British Colony stands on a peninsula of the Caribbean Sea to the north and the serene Rodney Bay on the southern side. The manicured beach is protected by the 200 year old bay which is on top of a nearby hill. The guest rooms and suites are built with balconies or patios providing a picturesque atmosphere. This resort has won prominent awards including the prestigious 5 star diamond award.

Aruba Beach and Honeymoon Resort
This is undisputedly one of the romantic islands for couples outside of the hurricane belt. The weather is superb with a breeze. There are watersports bordering the resort with wind surfing including diving and snorkeling, common sporting activities known for the Caribbean capital. The nightlife is great with 11 casinos operating together with discotheques and entertainment. The beaches are also private for couples who need intimacy outside.

Punta Cana
Also called the Secrets Excellence Punta Cana Resort based in the Dominican Republic. It offers a wide range of packages that are all inclusive. They provide free weddings to couples who purchase a junior suite ocean view. However, there are restrictions of at least seven days of stay. For honeymooners, there is great offer as well. This comprises of one romantic dinner for every stay, fruit plate, breakfast in bed and a bottle of champagne. The couple has to produce a marriage certificate.

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