Top 5 Group Friendly Holidays

Top 5 Group Friendly Holidays

Want to take a trip with your friends? Here are five fantastic group friendly holiday ideas to choose from.

Want to make some memories that will last a lifetime? Plan a holiday with friends. There’s nothing better than embarking on an exciting adventure with your best pals by your side. Once you’ve picked your travelling mates, you only have one decision left – where to go? Here are five top ideas to choose from.

Take to the streets


Pile into the car, pack some snacks, upload your favourite music to your iPod and hit the open road. Chances are, you haven’t explored your own neck of the woods much and a road trip is just the way to do that. Although you could keep things completely spontaneous, if you’re more of a planner, you could book accommodation before you go, so you know your end point each night. If that’s too much planning for you, just gather your friends, hop in the car and take off on the adventure of a lifetime.

Bed and Breakfast bound

Are you planning a group holiday with a quieter bunch? A tour of national bed and breakfasts could be just the ticket. You’ll be able to explore towns and cities during the day and then cosy up in a quaint B&B with some board games and chit chat at night. Bed and Breakfasts are a more relaxed and personal way of seeing a city and staying in a quaint B&B can provide a more unique experience for you and your group.

Under the open sky

Want a little fresh air and open spaces for you and your friends? Consider a group camping trip. It’s hard to beat the bonding that will occur while cooking over a bonfire, or sleeping under the stars.

Hit the slopes

Looking for a wintry outing? A group ski holiday could be just the ticket. Rent a house for you and your friends and get ready to hit the slopes. If you’re all beginners, book in a group lesson. If you have enough people, you may even be able to get a private group lesson. Consider booking a ski holiday in a proper ski village, like Whistler near Vancouver, Canada or Vail in the United States. The benefit of being in a ski village is that you can walk to bars and restaurants at night, rather than having to drive into the nearest city.

Gambler’s paradise

Try your luck at the slots in none other than Las Vegas. Although there are almost always great deals to Vegas, plan a trip to Las Vegas as soon as you decide to go in order to get the best deal. There are plenty of iconic hotels to choose from – the Venetian, MGM Grand or Mandalay Bay.

Whatever group holiday you decide to try, make sure to get group consensus before you go. You want everyone on board with the destination before booking. Once you start out on the right foot, you’re sure to have many experiences to remember.

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