Top 5 Benefits of Choosing A Campervan Rental For Your Aussie Holidays


Are you visiting Australia for the first time or have been to the country before? No matter what, the country is an ideal travel destination for all types of travelers, from adventure travelers, history buffs, and leisure travelers to sightseers.

Let’s peep in some statistics first…

According to the report issued by tourism department, around 6.1 million visitors arrived in the country in the year 2012. The largest guidebook, Lonely Planet, has incorporated Hobart, capital city of Australian state Tasmania, in its annual list of the top 10 hottest cities of the world.

As published by the world tourism organization, Australia has the 10th most valuable tourism infrastructure in the world. The government of Australia is all set to leverage the potential of tourism for the development of the country. They have already put their long-term national tourism strategy, called ‘Tourism 2020’, into practice.

Thinking of a ‘There’s nothing like Australia’ advertising on television? Well yes, that’s also a part of tourism 2020 campaign. But, a question still remains that why should you hire a campervan while in Australia.

Here are the top 5 benefits of choosing campervan rental Australia during your trip to the country:

1.        It’s a tradition in the country!

If you talk to locals in the country, you will find that almost everyone there have a road trip story to share with others. Road trip is like a family tradition in the country.

2.        Save your hard earned cash

When you hire a campervan, you are saving a large amount on hotel accommodation, dining, multiple public transportation and entertainment. You won’t have to pay for airport transfers, and hotel-to-hotel transfers.

Motorhome rentals are available with different berth size. So, based on the number of travel Companions, you can make the choice of campervan vehicle. You will find all basic facilities and amenities in the campervan like a flatscreen TV, DVD player, iPod connectivity, hot running water, and a good kitchen.

3.        It’s a real fun for adventurous people

The adventure begins from the moment you get in the vehicle. You will fill like you are traveling in a mobile home away from home.

4.        Design your itineraries on own

Yes, you may design your road trip on your own. This indeed is a great opportunity to go on off-the-beaten paths and customize your trip to make the most of your journey.

5.        The Ultimate Freedom

Australia has countless sites for natural sightseeing. The landscapes are spectacular.

campervan hire Australia gives you the complete freedom in exploring the country. You can drive the vehicle at your own pace, stop by at any location while on the road and talk to locals or other travelers, prepare your meal on own any time, visit the place again if it attracts you more, and play cards with your kids while in a campervan site.

You can get the best bargains on Aussie Motorhome rentals over the internet. Just make sure you book your trip online well before you go. So, don’t forget to book your campervan rental online in advance!

Author Bio:

Henryka is editor in a leading travel magazine. As a part of her work assignment, she has been to Australia many a times. She advocates for booking campervan rental services in Australia due to countless benefits it brings to the table.

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