Tips to Save Money for Next Trip

Vacation is necessary recreation which we all require for stress relief, enhancement of productivity
and maintenance health. Even machines need break and proper greasing so that they work fine, then
we are humans. A few days at leisure not only help us reenergize and rejuvenate but also promote our
creativity, strengthen our bonds and relieve us from stress of routine life. Though many of us are aware
of the benefits of vacation and yearn for long weekend with family and friends, not all of us are able to
make out apt travel plans due to limited financial resources. To overcome the hurdles of rising airfares
and hotel prices, advance planning and savings are must. They help may help in evading last minute
travel hassles.

Tips to Save Money for Next Trip

Choosing right destination and best time to travel: Deciding the destination and probable dates of
travel are necessary preliminaries to savings for the trip. They are the key factors to determine the
estimated budget for your trip before you start striving for the same. Select that destination which you
can afford and travel during the season when weather is pleasant at the same time as accommodation
and flight tickets are within your means. For example, if you wish to visit a beach destination, you may
choose to travel to Bangkok in place of Maldives. Not to mention, flight tickets, hotel prices, food and
transportation expenditure for Maldives would be higher than for Bangkok. But if you a strong desire
to travel to Maldives only, you may choose to travel during change of seasons, i.e., the months of
November and May, when airline tickets are relatively cheaper as well as hotel prices are comparatively
low. In short, destination, time and affordability are the guiding factors for saving money to travel.

Make your Monthly Budget: Savings are nothing but earnings minus expenditure. We all keep a
track of your earnings but not many of us keep an eye on our expenditure. To keep a track of your
monthly expenses make a diary and note down your daily expenditure. At the end of the month, sum
up the expenses, analyze your expenditure and bifurcate the overall expenses into: 1) necessities
and unavoidable expenses, 2) extravagances. Now make a monthly budget taking necessities into
consideration and unavoidable expenses. Also, include a small amount for extravagances. For instance,
if you have work long hours with less time to cook and visit restaurants or coffee shops every now and
then, try to cut down visits by bringing home ready to cook food. This will save your time and money
too. Try spending as per the budget you have estimated for each category. It’s is obviously a bit difficult
to acclimatize to the new, limited budget during the first month but savings at the end would inspire you
to regularize your expenses according to the budget.

Save Your Savings: When destination and travel period are decided and monthly budget is fixed, next
important step is SAVE YOUR SAVINGS. Most of us can’t resist ourselves from spending extravagantly
when we have cash. Therefore, instead of putting your money saved for next trip in a piggy bank or in
lock and key from where there are chances of withdrawing the money, open a separate savings account
for your travel. Don’t withdraw cash from your travel bank account for other purposes unless it is an

Bookings: Money saved on air tickets and accommodation means more savings to spend on recreation
and rejuvenation during the vacation. Whether you book flights to Los Angeles or flights to Latvia or
any other destination in the world, last minute travel deals are comparatively costlier than advance
purchase tickets, exceptions apart. Therefore, it’s a wise decision to purchase your flight tickets and
accommodation well in advance. Also, look alternate airlines and airports and condos and villas before
zeroing in on any travel deal. Also, try to be a bit flexible. At times, you may save a handsome amount
just by traveling on a day or two prior or post your planned date. The best way out is call at the toll free
number of a reputed online travel company. Travel consultants over there are experts in their niche and
offer the best itinerary and price as traveler’s requirements.

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