Thrill Rides of Winter Wonderland 2013

Thrill Rides of Winter Wonderland 2013

The holidays’ season is getting closer every day. As always, it brings along an air of excitement because of the many celebrations, parties, family dinners, gift exchanging traditions, specific festivals  and the charming wintry atmosphere. Held in Hyde Park every year, Winter Wonderland is one of the joys the holidays’ season brings to Londoners and tourists visiting the British capital city.

If you are interested in visiting Winter Wonderland this 2013, you will find it highly enjoyable as it has lots of thrilling rides, fascinating shows, a fabulous skating rink and exciting circus performances, not to mention the typically Bavarian Christmas market spreading all around. You can go with your friends or with your family, there is something exciting for each and every age.

Some people visit this theme park, but there are also those who will discover the thrill rides of Winter Wonderland 2013 for the very first time. No matter how many times you have already visited Hyde Park’s attractions, if you are a thrill seeker, you will definitely enjoy a ride on Air, Power Tower or the public’s favourite Winter Wonderland Express. The Star Flyer will allow you to fly across the skies, 60 meters high. It will spin you a complete 360-degrees, and you will feel the cold wind rushing through you as you spin above this thrilling ride.

Other thrill rides of Winter Wonderland 2013 include the amusement park staple – roller coasters. The Wilde Maus XXL will truly bring out the adventurous side in you. It is one of the best roller coasters in this amusement park. If you want something a little less extreme, there are still various rides that will appeal to your sense of adventure, without being too extreme. For instance, you can go for a Pirates of the Carribean experience or for the traditional carrousels that children love so much.

If heights appeal to you, you can take a ride in the Giant Observation Wheel, and view Hyde Park from way up high. As you can see, the thrill rides of Winter Wonderland 2013 range from the ultimate extreme ones to something more exhilarating like this giant ferris wheel.

If you are interested in visiting Winter Wonderland, don’t worry about entrance tickets as you don’t need any. You can come in, anytime you want, as many times as you want. You will need to pay, though, for rides tokens or shows tickets . If you want to watch the various performances on Winter Wonderland 2013’s calendar, it is best that you purchase tickets a couple of days in advance, as the shows fill up pretty quickly, especially once the vacation begins.

If you are going with your special someone, Winter Wonderland can also turn into a romantic date. You can ride the giant wheel, order a bottle of champagne, and enjoy the drinks with your loved one, while being mesmerized by the views from the Giant Observation Wheel. It’s still thrilling, definitely, but with a romantic touch.

Since the theme park is located outside, make sure that you bundle up well when you do decide to drop by. The weather will be more than chilly, and it would help to be comfortable and warm while you try out the different rides. If you get tired of the rides, don’t worry, there are still other things that you can do, like shopping in the Christmas market, or even going on a food trip in the different food stalls. No matter what your interests are, there is definitely something out there for you to enjoy!

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