The Ultimate Travel Guide To France


Thousands of British tourists descend on France every single year hoping to experience a week or two away in a warm and inviting environment. Couples tend to fly straight to Paris, families on the whole prefer the south, and singles or groups can usually be found wandering around some of the more popular city locations. Still, if you’ve never been to this country before, knowing exactly where you should go can sometimes be a little tricky, especially for anyone who isn’t too big on geography.

With that firmly in mind, I’ve taken the time to write this article with the express purpose of educating you and helping you to decide on the most suitable place to visit in France. So, take a minute to read through this page and see if I succeed. As with any European destination, which towns and cities you go for will depend heavily on what sort of experience you’re after, this means that considering whom you’re traveling with, and their ages, is probably a good idea.


Home to one of the largest and most respected film festivals in the world, Cannes is a beautiful city that would suit any modern jetsetter and his/her friends. With pristine sands and calm seas, this city docks literally thousands of yachts owned by some of the richest and most famous people in Europe. Though couples and elderly travelers may find this location to be a little full-on, groups of visitors or solo holidaymakers always seem to love it.


For anyone who enjoys spending money is designer boutiques and top restaurants, you could do far worse than a trip to this Riviera-style city on the southeast coast. You’ll be glad to know that accommodation can usually be obtained for quite a reasonable price, in fact, you can get some fantastic deals when booking hotels in Nice with Venere.


With over 2000 years of interesting recorded history, and cobbled streets almost the same age, Lyon is often a top choice amongst young couples and those looking to experience something a little different. Here you’ll find no less than two ancient Roman amphitheaters, antique markets and a truly bustling nightlife guaranteed to tickle your musical taste buds. Still, you’d better start saving early as holidays in this region can become very expensive when you factor in the cost of food and entertainment.


When the Olympic Games ran their first winter edition in 1924, Chamonix was lucky enough to be awarded the job. Set in gorgeous surroundings that contain a huge snow-capped mountain range perfect for skiing or snowboarding, it should be unsurprising to learn that Pierce Brosnan filmed many scenes here for various James Bond movies including The World Is Not Enough.

I hope now you’ve got a better idea about which areas you should visit during your stay on the continent, and will be more prepared for the type of experience you’ll have. France is a beautiful country and I recommend you visit at the earliest possible opportunity.

Have fun!

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