The Benefits of Serviced Apartments Cambridge – Working Without Travelling!

The Benefits of Serviced Apartments Cambridge – Working Without Travelling!

Travelling can really take its toll on a worker – particularly when he or she does it for long periods of time. Typically, this kind of negative impact is felt by workers who are seconded on short term contracts, or people who attend mid to long term conferences. Long periods away from home, in the impersonal and regimented surroundings of a hotel, make people slowly lose interest in their work.It’s a form of homesickness that is easy to recognize when it happens to you – but which has only recently been taken on board by the companies sending their workers out to these kinds of places and assignments. As recognition grows, serviced apartments Cambridge are beginning to rise in popularity – as an alternative way to accommodate your workforce when it has to go away from home.

There’s a really easy way to illustrate he benefits of serviced apartments Cambridge over living in hotels: food. Hotel food is of course perfectly adequate, and often even quite nice. But the point is, it’s served between the same hours every night, from the same menu in the same place. Even if it’s wonderful food, your workers are going to tire of going down to dinner and being waited on: particularly if they are living in the hotel on their own.

We all get the urge to chill out from time to time. Sitting on the sofa in our pajama bottoms eating ice cream and watching Roadhouse is not a luxury – it’s a birth right. All hard working people need those hours when they don’t have to wear anything they don’t want to wear, they don’t have to eat a normal meal and they don’t have to even sit at a table to eat if they don’t want to. These are the moments we refer to as “me time” – and they’re what keep us sane and healthy a midst the tide of obligations and pressures that drifts through modern life.

Modern business life, particularly when you are away from home because of it, is more buffeted by this tide than most other walks of existence. Serviced apartments Cambridge are a way of providing a sanctuary from these rushing waters – in other words, of keeping your workers sane and functioning at the top of their game when they do go to work. Ultimately what we are talking about here is the balance between life and work. When you go away on a short term contract and live in a hotel, you can’t make that balance happen. You feel that you are at work even when you are technically at home.

A hotel is no place to stay for more than a few nights – whether you are working or on holiday. From leisure visits to business trips, once you start pushing much past that first week it can be time to give serviced apartments Cambridge some serious consideration. Longer term secondments and conferences are simply a different way of life from a short break. So they need to be treated differently in terms of the accommodation options available for them.

Christine Ager is a Director of a temporary staff provider service from London. When she goes south for long term conferences, she uses serviced apartments Cambridge.

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