Stunning Destinations In South India For History Buffs


 India is a rich historical country with every corner filled with remarkable stories of the years gone by, celebrated still by the gorgeous monuments left behind by the makers. India is loaded with plenty of places and structures, creating the most perfect destination for history buffs to travel. Where North India offers palaces, fortresses and tombs representing culture, South India are also no less glorious.  We bring to you major destinations that every history enthusiast must include in their wish list.


Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stretched over few meters which is an open-air museum. The structure is not only relevant with the history but also majorly admired because of the science behind them that leaves its visitors awestruck.  The same region also houses a chariot temple which can enthrall you with its beauty and the underground passages and temples of the royal field call for a sense of intrigue then; there is the Vittala temple where each pillar when tapped gives a sound like from a musical instrument.


The city is beautiful and can charm you with its gorgeous temples, which are the remnants from the 12th-century world of the Hoysalas.  The place is for everyone where one can enjoy experiencing the age old history lovers but art and creative artistry.  Adorned with the intricate carvings, the temples mesmerize visitors. The detailing on the structure is a sheer master piece with clearly depicting the advanced levels of craftsmanship that was present during that time.


The capital city of the Nizams, Hyderabad is the country’s IT capital coming from a profound historical background. The city has some amazing monuments and magnificent architecture representing the lives of the royalty. From the well known Salarjung museum for its famous cuckoo clock and veiled Rebecca and its vintage car collection to the offbeat Chowmahalla Palace, The place is a great destination for the history lovers.   There is a Purani Haveli that houses the jewels and the three-floored wardrobe of the Nizam. Moreover, travelling to Hyderabad is incomplete without exploring Golconda Fort, popular for the beautiful surroundings and the planned architecture.


Located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, there is another UNESCO site named as Mahabalipuram.  The city is a delight for the true lovers of history. One can enjoy the sunrise over the golden Shore Temple or head to the stunning Panchratha temples to closely get the feel. The place is blessed with number of cave temples, uniquely constructed. The place also has one of the largest bas-reliefs– an imprinted story of Arjuna’s penance. Do not forget to visit exclusively different yet stunning rock on the slope of the city.


The city of Mysore provides history admirers with plenty of amazing options to explore.  From palaces to temples, the city is a very fine destination.  Places to visit on a historical journey include glorious Mysore Palace, ancient temple of Chamundi and the beautiful Somnathpura Temple of the Hoysalas.  It is recommended to visit the place during Dassehra around September-October, when the Mysore Palace comes to life at night in a grand celebration which is the clear reperesentation of the reminiscent of its glorious past Mysore had.  Not to forget the heritage sites associated with the famed ‘Tiger of Mysore’, Tipu Sultan.



Bijapur, now called Vijaypur, is a home to remnants from the time of the Adil Shah Dynasty. The city gets its recognization because of the number of historical monuments including Gol Gumbaz, the second highest dome in the world, and Ibrahim Rauza also famously called as the Taj Mahal of the South. The city offers it’s every travelers with the ample options of living and experiencing the old traditional; days.


Constructed during the Chalukya dynasty, the small town of Badami houses number of stunning cave temples and the Bhootanatha Temple. The place also has a rock-cut cave temples adorned with the elaborated carvings of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu. Classified as a UNESCO heritage site, when in Bdami, one should not miss out the famous carved temples of Pattadakal. Do take some time out for the other cave temples at Aihole for a perfect historical journey.


As a famous tourist destination in Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur is the place where the dance form Bharatnatyam was originated.  The city has a significant role during the reign of the Cholas, with plenty of things to explore and experience.  For the history , the city offers ancient sites in abundance ,from the magnificent Brihadeeswara Temple of the 11th-century to the Thanjavur Palace and the olden Saraswathi Mahal Library, housing some of the rarest Sanskrit manuscripts which was earlier written on palm leaves.  To grab excellent souvenirs, the town is also popular for Tanjore paintings. The lions constructed  in the  to grab some excellent souvenirs from the place, one can buy famous Tanjore paintings.


Madurai is one of the oldest cities recorded in the world which finds its special mention in Chalukya’s Arthashastra. The place owns number of ancient structure representing its true historical background.  Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai was nominated as one of the new wonders of the world, because of its ancient historical and architecture.  While planning to travel Madurai, do not forget to explore Thirumalai Nayak Palace with its tall pillars and combination of Rajput and Dravidian ethnicity.



 For the history admirers, Warangal houses number of ancient temples, ruins of a palace and a fort which makes this place an experience to cherish forever. There are several tourist attractions famous for their art and historical significance.  Bhadrakali Temple and the 1000 Pillars Temple is a true representation of the amazing artistry of the Kakatiya Dynasty. When in Warangal, do not miss out the stone gateways which are currently being used as the emblem for the new state of telangana.

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