St. Regis

Opened on the 1st November 2012, the St. Regis hotel in Mauritius promises to be the epitome of class and luxury. Located on the south western side of the island, the 172 elegantly-decorated rooms boast stunning views of the Indian Ocean. If you want to feel like a pampered celebrity, you need look no further than this hotel.

Renowned architect Stauch Vorster and interior designer Trevor Julius have put their brilliant minds together and created a striking and authentic décor for the St. Regis. A fusion of contemporary elegance and Mauritian authenticity can be witnessed throughout the entire hotel, and usual administrative spots, like reception, are replaced by more warm and welcoming spaces, creating a sense of homeliness.

Be pampered at the magnificent spa, which will help you to unwind in its quiet and peaceful surroundings. Choose from a range of professional and indulgent packages that can span over half an hour to half a day, and afterwards treat yourself to an expertly-mixed cocktail from the bar.

Evenings at the St. Regis are quite spectacular. The hotel comes alive at night, starting with the evening ritual of the head butler “sabering” champagne bottles. There are six premiere restaurants to choose from, each of them boasting delicious menus which cater to all taste buds. Dine in Simply India, which serves flavourful Indian food with a contemporary twist, or if you fancy something a little simpler than the beachside Boathouse Bar & Grill should do the trick. The St. Regis also serves midnight supper, making for an intimate setting and atmosphere.

Every one of the St. Regis’ rooms ooze luxury, with private balconies, free WiFi and discreet entertainment systems.But if you really want to splash out then the Beachfront St. Regis Grand Suite is unbeatable. With a walk-in wardrobe and private bar, you’ll feel like royalty for the entire duration of your stay.

One of the things which make any St. Regis hotel stand out from all the others is its butler service. Your needs and requirements, no matter how specific or unique, will be met by your butler, who will endeavour to make your stay at the St. Regis a truly magnificent one. Every morning your butler will deliver you tea and coffee, draw the curtains and hand you the day’s newspaper – and don’t worry about unpacking your clothes and having them pressed, that’s what having a butler is for!

To find out more about The St. Regis Resort in Mauritius visit the website.

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