Service Trends for Event Venues London – Entertainment Types Commonly Used

Service Trends for Event Venues London – Entertainment Types Commonly Used

There are a number of auxiliary service trends in event venues London right now – not least of which is the use of various entertainments to create different atmospheres. It should be noted that some entertainment is done within the remit of the venue itself – that is, the venue is either able to supply entertainment of its own, or has recommended providers for so doing – while other entertainment may be provided by the hirer.

In general terms, it may be said that there are three different types of entertainment provided, or which can be provided if the hirer requires them. The first is what might be called a “main event” entertainment type, for example a live band or a cabaret show. The second is what you could term “background entertainment”: that is, a permanent entertainment type or location set up within a dedicated area of the venue. This is usually a casino or something similar.

The third, wandering or temporary entertainment, comprises close quarters magicians; cartoonists; photographers; and other “one on one” entertainers.

The suite of entertainment types actually required by a venue hirer will differ from event to event. Table magicians and other close quarters entertainment may be less required, for example, if there are no tables. Where the hirer uses event venues London for hosting evenings in which the guests are expected to stand and mingle, this third stand of entertainment may simply be unnecessary.

“Main event” entertainment is the most commonly specified, as it has a natural place in the proceedings of most evenings – be they awards ceremonies or company parties or anything in between. A piece of main event entertainment may even be the draw of the evening, for its attendees: the special something that makes them want to attend in the first place.

Background entertainment, for example, roulette tables or a full temporary casino, is often specified for particular kinds of events: festive parties and large company celebrations are the norm. It is true, though, that any event can have any kind of entertainment, where it is seen to be appropriate. If an event organiser wishes to specify particular entertainment types regardless of the seated or standing nature of his or her guests, then – provided that the venue in question has the capacity to host them – that is exactly what he or she will do.

In some cases, entertainment type is tied to a specific package – this is the case where an event organises a party or series of parties off its own back, and sells them as a whole product to third party clients.

The most common time of year for this to happen is the festive season, during which most event venues London concoct some kind of pre-organised deal, which may be sold to individual clients or series of clients over the course of nights leading up to Christmas. Often parties will be themed around a particular atmosphere or cue – a Bond party, for instance; or a party whose atmosphere is taken from the Jazz Age.

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