Rural Agri Tourism

Rural Agri Tourism

20th century lifestyle is all about fast food, club life, internet and a hectic office life with tourism being the only outlet available to break this monotonous cycle. But what if your only outlet to a different world and different life doesn’t excite you anymore, what if the idea of exploring heritage buildings and beaches or eating in a five star restaurant doesn’t send adventure rushing down your veins, what if tourism has itself becomes monotonous for you.

While the travel industry is busy searching for exotic locales that could woo their customers, another form of tourism that is slowly gaining momentum is Rural Agri Tourism. The idea revolves around a farmer allowing general public to visit his farm and letting them view the harvesting of local crops, educating them on the process, letting them enjoy horse rides on their ranch and even allowing them to participate in the farming process. And one of the destinations where the activity is catching fast is India where more than 60% of the population thrives on agriculture. According to statistics, this tourism activity can really help Indian farmers who hugely depend on monsoons gain that much required extra income. Here are some of the facets of rural agro tourism that are sure to leave you craving for more.

Agricultural Production Process: From demonstrations of cow milking process, plant production and food processing, a part of rural agri tourism focuses on enlightening the tourist about agricultural processes and generating their interest by making them a part of the whole process.

Agri-Therapy: People who have been advised diet therapies are sure to gain a lot from rural agri tourism. From eating farm fresh food, taking natural herbs to breathing in fresh air, rural agri tourism will certainly benefit people who need a change in their lifestyle.

Agri-Sport: Imagine horse riding in serene farm fields stretching for acres and cycling along the rugged roads. Rejuvenating in the lap of Mother Nature is another aspect of agro tourism that is sure to drive people towards it.

A Different Form of Accommodation: Gone are the days of spacious and luxurious rooms with decorated furniture. From sleeping in camps, bunkhouses, open fields to even nice rooms, rural agri tourism offers lot of authenticity for the tourists to choose from.

So if you have been waiting long to explore the Indian hinterland and have time available to try something new as well, then it’s the right time at act. Fortunately if you book early, the tour won’t burn holes in your pockets as you’ll get access to Cheap Tickets and can save a lot that you can subsequently utilize on your Indian Agri trip. Visit for online travel bookings.

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