Perfect Reasons to visit Varanasi

Perfect Reasons to visit Varanasi


Considered as the oldest city in India, Varanasi is the land of temples and the city of Lord Shiva. The waters of the holy River Ganga, receives a huge number of devotes coming here to experience the spiritual chaos the city offers. Offering the mixture of traditional and modern, the city has new contemporary cafes, various pure vegetarian dhabas and tons of shops where you can go and enjoy shopping of rudraksha beads to fine silks. As one of the most glorious city of India, Varanasi offers much more than spiritual charm and is as much destination to explore.  To help you finalize the decision of experiencing Varanasi, we bring to you some of the best reasons to visit Varanasi.

Temples and spirituality

Varanasi has hundreds of temples in the city, blessed with the historical background and religious values.  Some of them date back to 500-1000 years.  Among several others, Sankat Mochan temples and Kashi Vishwanath are the most admired and visited by the devotees.  Moreover, Yoga is deeply rooted in the culture of the city and one can easily explore various yoga centers or yoga teacher for an authentic yoga experience.

Dashashwamedh Aarti

Located on the banks of Ganges, Dashashwamedh is one of the most pious Ghats that mesmerizes the travelers with its charm.  The place becomes more charming and lively during the Ganga Aarti that is being organized here on a daily basis. The setting, glowing with aartis are nothing but gripping. One can enjoy this extravagant event on a boat in the river, making it an unforgettable experience.

Diverse cuisine and shopping

Varanasi brings a variety of eateries and shopping places.  After visiting the religious places, the second most important thing to do is to explore the material riches in the form of hand-knotted carpets, Banarasi saris and fine woodwork at the major shopping centers such as Godowlia and Vishwanath Gali.  The city of Varanasi  offers diverse delicacies from all over the world  and for a much local experience, one can  go local and tuck into the most delicious street food, don’t miss Kachori Gali.  It also has many good restaurants located along the river Ganga, where one can enjoy the food while watching the stunning river and the sun settling around it.

History and Forts

Varanasi is a historically significant city and is being considered to be the oldest city in India.  The place houses a Ramnagar Fort, located on the eastern bank of the Ganga.  The structure was made for the Maharaja of Banaras; the monument has a museum of vintage cars, weaponry and royal swords, ivory relic and other historic items. Constructed during the reign of Babar, Chunar Fort is about 40km from Varanasi, which has been the home of the famous Warren Hastings, the first governor-general of India.


Being a home to various maestro’s of music like Ustad Bismillah Khan and Ravi Shankar, the music flows in the air of Varanasi.  After religion, it is music that flows through the streets of Varanasi.  With such connect of music; the place has    a number of music schools, where one can easily learn any instrument. For the most finest, indulge yourself in listening to the classical music concert at the Music Paradise Hall and get yourself dancing to the rhythm of  Flute and sarod.


Sited 10km from Varanasi, the holy place of Sarnath is the place where Gautama Buddha first discourses to his followers after attaining the enlightenment. The grounds of Sarnath, house number of ancient monuments and stupas, displaying the Buddhist tradition. The destination is beautifully structured with the historical Dhamek Stupa as the major attraction. Even today the significance of the destination is still alive.

Assi Ghat


This is another Ghat located in Varanasi.  The place is famous for organizing a huge Aarti on the side of the river Ganga, where people from all over the world come and indulge in the activity with great enthusiasm. It also has several restaurants offering splendid sights of the river Ganga.

Calming Boat Rides

A boat ride along the sides of River Ganga is one of the must do activity while exploring the city of Varanasi. The calm water of Ganga gives you the much needed peace along with the perfect view of the culturally colourful Ghats. Boat rides are possible at the time of sunset and sunrise for the majestic sights of the pooja and the religious ceremonies.

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