Loose your Heart in Amazing Thailand

The more than 20 000 000 visitors welcomed through the gates of the country’s airports during the last year gives meaning to Thailand’s reputation as a international leisure travel mecca and speaks volumes for it’s popularity. This fact is also echoed on some of the largest and most reputable online travel websites which feature Thailand as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Why? Because Thailand answers to just about everything a tourist could want for an extraordinary vacation. Here you can wake up on tropical islands greeted with the spectacular sight of an azure ocean hugging flawless beaches dotted with palm trees, it offers adventure, has an interesting ancient history and culture, it is exotic, romantic, has amazing weather and it is affordable. The list go’s on.

Those fortunate enough to have experienced the awesomeness of the Land of Smiles relish the idea of returning while those contemplating their first visit may look forward to more than just another holiday, but rather a life enriching experience. So stop surfing the internet for images of places to go for your honeymoon, for a family holiday, or even as a loner in search of adventure, because here is why Thailand has the winning recipe for a magical getaway like no other.


Resorts in Phuket island, Koh Samui, the fairytale-like Krabi region and places like Khao Lak has become masters in the art of creating the ultimate romantic escapes. Beachfront villas with private pools hidden from the rest of the world allowing beguiling views of the ocean contrasting with rain forest covered hills is just the beginning. Candle light dinners for two with your toes in the sand, specially designed spa treatments for couples in a rain forest setting and sundown cruises on board a luxury yacht through mysterious Phang Nga Bay just off Phuket and Krabi showcase small islands, mangrove forests and lime stone monoliths rising from the ocean to set the stage for a romantic adventure unlike anywhere else.

Nature and Adventure

Adventure seekers are drawn to Thailand like moths to a flame. The country’s intriguing jungles displaying the most amazing flora, mountains and coastlines creates the perfect environment for thrills and spills of all kinds. The surface of the ocean is a doorway to a beautiful tropical world of fish species and coral bursting with color to make the country a premier scuba dive destination.

The Province of Phang Nga on Thailand’s south coast, Krabi and several other locations are a rock climbers dream featuring changeling climbs up lime stone cliffs which reward with amazing views from the top. Exploring Phang Nga Bay’s caves by kayak, trekking through jungle on elephant back or hiking through the national parks of the north and especially Khao Sok national Park near Phuket leads to amazing discoveries like caves, waterfalls and wild animal species.


Thailand’s history and culture go back thousands of years. Here history lovers will be captivated when visiting the ruins of ancient cities like Sukhothai in the north and also Ayuthaya which were independent city states in days long gone. Bangkok’s grand Palace, beautiful ornate statues, glittering temples and museums all have interesting stories to tell. Chiang Mai, the northern capital, is especially rich in history and culture having been the location of the historical Lanna empire. It will be a good idea to book an evening at Khum Kantoke, an amphitheater where visitors are entertained with re-enactments of past wars while famous northern Thai food is served in a traditional way.

Family Friendly

If you ever wondered how to keep every member of the clan happy and occupied for the duration of the holiday then you need worry no more, because Thailand is a family friendly treasure. Phuket resorts like Centara Grand Beach Resort, sister resort Centara Grand West Sands and Movenpick Resort & Spa to name only a few offers the epitome of family accommodation with multi bedroom villas and suites, kids clubs with stimulating children’s programs and recreational facilities like beach side water parks featuring pools, slides and water tunnels. Outside the resort wall, attractions like the Phuket Fantasea, Thailand’s Disney Land if you will, is simply amazing. In addition beaches feature water sport activities the whole family can enjoy and hotels and resorts arrange a variety of excursions for families to enjoy the exotic nature and its treasures as a unit.

In Conclusion

With the generous price tag for visiting the land of smiles few other holiday destinations gives back so much value for your Dollar. No matter what your interest, requirement or expectation, you will find your paradise in Thailand, but be sure to book enough time to experience as much as possible fo what the country has to offer. It will be worthwhile time spent.

About the author

George Conradie lives in Ha Hin, Thailand’s royal town, on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. He settled here after having traveled the country extensively and now works in the local travel industry. George often write articles to share his experiences with visitors.

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