Kerala, nowhere else you can enjoy so much more

Kerala, nowhere else you can enjoy so much more

Kerala with its irresistible charms has come up as one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the country. Kerala has everything to offer from its magnificent backwaters to spectacular beaches, picturesque hill stations, Wild life sanctuaries and above all the fabulous Ayurvedic treatments. The tourism industry in Kerala is thriving and it is due to the splendid beauty of this land that is truly called “God’s own country”. One of the prime attractions of Kerala is its superb beaches spreading along Arabian Sea coastline for 900 km. Kerala Backwaters which is an exclusive attraction of this place is an arrangement of interconnected lagoons and lakes that are lying parallel to the coast of Arabian Sea. Read more about Delight of Monsoon in Kerala.


The diverse beauty of Kerala amazes all. Kerala takes pride in offering a breathtaking natural beauty. The lush hills, midland plains, exotic wildlife, coastal belts, fabulous paddy fields, wild jungles with exotic wildlife, majestic cultural life; Kerala has it all. The travelers to Kerala never miss an opportunity of world-famous Kerala massage and Ayurveda medicines. With a literacy rate of 100% Kerala boasts of strong, hard working, dedicated, determined population who have set the highest standard in every sphere of life.

God has blessed Kerala with exquisite natural treasures. The Kerala attraction has been all the more enhanced by magnificent forts, temples, palaces, synagogues and so many more spectacular structures. Above all there is Kerala’s performing arts that excel in creativity and splendour. A visit to the wide palm fringed sandy beaches, wildlife sanctuaries; lush green tea gardens can make your travel days unforgettable.

Wayanad, one of the stunning hill stations of Kerala with its outstanding Geographical location, sylvan valleys and mist clad mountains draws tourists from destinations worldwide. The vast expanse of greenery, aroma of spice in the breeze, pleasant climate all will make your trip over here all the more remarkable.

Whiel travelling to Kerala you cannot afford to miss Munnar, the most popular hill station of this land. Walk through the rolling tea gardens, take the scent of fresh eucalyptus leaves and witness the beauty of verdant green hills; Munnar is simply amazing. The paradise for the tourists Munnar boast of having the highest tea estates of the world. This land is all the more favoured by tourists as it enjoys mild cold climate always.

Periyar Wild life Sanctuary takes pride in being one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries of India and a tiger reserve. Covering a land of around 777 sq. kms this sanctuary is nestled beside a attractive lake.

At Gavi you can take part in various eco-tourism activities like bird watching, nature walks, guided trekking, night camping, night excursions to the forest arranged by KFDC or Kerala Forest Development Corporation Ltd.

Alappuzha or Alleppy is dotted with exceptional natural beauty and a hot tourist destination.

Kerala is the land of mystic beauties, the home of divinity where the diversity enthralls all. Karala has a rich history and offers a great opportunity to learn from the past. It is the land where you will get Yoga and Ayurveda, it attracts thousands of people who love to learn and practice.

 Sandeep Arora is a senior chef who has been working as the Chief Chef in the top hotels of India for twelve years now. He has written many articles on restaurants south delhi. He is an ardent travel enthusiast too. In this article he is providing us with some valuable information on Kerala.


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