Home Stay Holidays in India Do Support Sustainable Tourism – a Kerala Experience

Living in Europe one may ask if a trip to India alone is not already exotic enough for a foreign tourist with all the differences in culture, food and climate waiting for him. Must it be home stay on top? Should one be very brave and adventurous to go for a home stay holiday then? Well, I experienced that by myself and the good news is: no. You just need to have an open mind, should like to communicate with others and take travel as an opportunity to learn more about our planet. You can check travel agents community to discover and share more about your experiences in a beautiful location like India.

Staying in a hotel abroad has certainly its pros saying that you should know that I am a fan of staying in a convenient atmosphere while travelling and have experienced quite a few 4-5 star properties around the world. In our days, also in India, the holiday format of Home stay is organized and approved by the Government. So, there is nothing to fear if you book a certified home stay accommodation. On top, staying with local people in their homes and sharing their daily live gives you a lot more than just doing your sightseeing trips according to your travel guide book out from your hotel base.

You are part of the story during your stay and your hosts are keen to let you experience the country’s culture, food, habits of the people and what they think about the part of the world you are coming from. Furthermore, your hosts will be glad to show you around and provide you with insights about their place and the region. Through local people you shall find the best locations according to your interest, as well as all the hideaways your guide book is most likely not mentioning. As such it is almost certain that you will return home with a real new travel experience and understanding of where you really have been to – apart from a bunch of new friends. A very valuable aspect of home stay holidays is that it contributes to sustainable tourism since the money you are spending contributes directly to the income of the local people. It also does not need additional infrastructure like hotels.


I was so positively impressed about my first home stay experience in Kerala that I launched a Blog in German language to promote that type of  making holidays and to encourage people to go for it.

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Michael is working in the travel industry for more than 25 years and still loves to explore the world while traveling. Some years ago he started to engage himself in the sector of sustainable tourism. “The best touristic business concept in order to conserve holiday destinations for the next generations”, he says.

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