Holiday on the lakes rather than the beach

When deciding on where to go on your holidays, it can sometimes cause a debate, especially if you’re going with friends or family – everyone wants something different. Whether it is adventure, activities or relaxation, it’s sometimes hard to get all that into one holiday. So when we started wanting more from a holiday we started looking at other locations than beach side resorts. Due to wanting to holiday in Europe, we have found that, over the years, beaches have become crowded and not always the best places to go for relaxation and adventure. Yes, it is lovely to just lay there and do nothing, but when it’s not at an all inclusive luxury hotel it can become a task in itself going to get food and drinks rather than have someone bring them to you. Below are the three points we have found out to be the advantages of a lakeside holiday.


Aside from the fact the lakes are pretty much empty, the mountain backdrops, alpine hills, crystal blue waters all making a positive change to be on a crowded beach, unable to relax due to the fear of a ball hitting you. We booked our last two lake holidays from Thomson Lakes & Mountains, which have both been superb. And with each resort comes different scenery, refreshing, clean and pure to just completely relax and unwind.


As with many holidays, tours are available and optional should you wish to explore the island or spend the day on a boat exploring coves and some snorkelling. The tours available when on a holidaying by the lake or something we couldn’t have imagined. They were peaceful, relaxing and very insightful. Every corner turned on the mountains showed us a different angle of the lakes, we could see for miles and when in Switzerland we could see the glacier in the Alps – simply amazing! We were also able to explore the lake from a lower altitude, just walking around the lake taking in the surroundings. We also took a couple of day trips to another resort, adding a lovely element of exploring to our holiday.

Hotel Views

Sometimes with a beach side resort, you don’t always get a view of the sea and if you do, you’ve probably had to pay extra per night for it. If you don’t opt for a sea view, you will more than likely end up with a view of the other side of the hotel or the neighboring hotels / towns – maybe not the greatest scenery to relax in. But with a hotel on the lakes and due to the way the mountain inclines you will either get a room with a view of the azure waters of the lake or fresh, rich green alpine scenes of the mountains. Either way, both are very relaxing and different to what you would usually expect on a summer holiday.

So with these three points in mind, have a look at a variety of holidays before booking your next set of travels. You never know, you may just ditch beach holidays for a while.

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