Historical Cities Which You Should Explore on Independence Day


You all might have noticed till now that the Independence Day weekend this year in 2016 is the long weekend. If you want to take the advantage of this amazing weekend,then go ahead because we by this article have suggested some of the appropriate destinations in India which you can explore on Independence Day and can make it a bit more happening at these monuments and cities mentioned below.


Sabarmati Ashram

This famous attraction of Ahmedabad was one of the epicenters of the freedom movement. It is nestled on the banks of River Sabarmati and originally it was called as the Satyagraha Ashram. This was the main center of the great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi to train the activist so that they can get influenced by him and join his non-violent and Swadeshi movements for gaining Independence.


Chandra Shekhar Azad Park

This park is not just the largest park in the heart of the city, but it also has a strong association with the Indian Freedom movements. This park was called as Alfred park or Company Garden at the time of British rule. It was also the place where British held official ceremonies and musical performances are also arranged here by the police bands. The famous character in the freedom movement has taken a vow never to be caught by the British and when he was caught by British in this very park he used his own last bullet and became a martyr and that’s why a statute is also erected in this park in the memory of the famous Indian citizen.


August Kranti Maidan

It is again a very popular place if we remember the time when India was not independent. This is a place where Gandhiji issued a call for the famous Quit India Movement on 8 August 1942 at this famous maidan which is quite popular in Mumbai. The main aim of this particular meeting is to mobilize more and more people with a commitment of ‘Do or Die’. Quit India Movement was so strong that the British realized that they lost the hold which they have earlier on India. However, the British made their best attempt to suppress this movement by lathi charge and tear gas.


Jhansi Fort

Jhansi Fort

This fort is fondly called as ‘Rani Jhansi ka Quila’ and was built over centuries back. This is a famous land mark in Jhansi and is a major icon symbolizing India’s First War of Independence which was held in the year 1857 with the legendary lady Rani Laxmi Bai and other brave warriors.  This magnificent and splendid fort is amazingly erected on Bangara Hill and offers a spectacular view of the city Jhansi. This fort also withstood the heavy and terrific bombardment done by British forces 17 days before the fort fell. However at the time of bombardment the Laxmi Bai escaped with her forces.


Red Fort

Red Fort takes the pride for being the first place where India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru gave first Independence Day speech in the year 1947.  This monument has been an important part of the freedom struggle. However, this monument is still the symbol of freedom as Prime Minister still delivers the Independence Day speech every year from the ramparts of the Red Fort on August 15.

Raj Ghat

Raj Ghat is a perfect place if you want to pay homage to the father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. This famous place in Delhi brings back and takes the visitors to the time in past and shows the importance of the great leader of India.

Gandhi Smriti

This place is located at 5 Tees January Marg. At this place only Gandhiji was shot on 30th January 1948. It is one of the amazing places which you can consider to visit on Independence Day.



It is a famous place where a major incident took place at the time of freedom struggle. It is a place where the popular and great freedom fighter Mangal Pandey rose in rebellion against the British rulers and he even wounded two British officers with his sword. Mangal Pandey garden was the place where he was hung. This place is associated with Mangal Pandey who played an integral part in the freedom movement.

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