Hawaii for the Adventure Seekers out There

Hawaii for the Adventure Seekers out There

When people think of Hawaii, most people think of a truly relaxing holiday. They dream of the seemingly endless miles of beautiful, golden beaches, and of gently rolling waves, part of the clear, azure waters that stretch as far as the eye can see.

They dream of lazing on the beach with a good, but ultimately forgettable book, in full relaxation mode as the sun goes slowly down, with a mai tai on one side and a freshly picked pineapple on the other.

We are not like most people. We dream of volcanoes, and of shipwrecks and banana boats. We dream of kite boarding across the waves, and surfing the perfect tube. We dream of adventure.

Here is how to share our dream, and how to live it.

Volcano Biking

Okay, so this isn’t quite as insane as it sounds, but it’s pretty adventurous nonetheless! Hawaii’s Big Island houses a fair few volcanoes, a handful of which are still active, and fairly regularly vomit out ridiculously hot lava into the ocean.

Get your butt to Kilauea, where you can go on a bike tour of the lava fields – not only will you get to experience the uniquely smooth rock (formed by the travels of the lava), but you’ll also be able to chase the slow moving lava as it flows down into the sea! Pretty thrilling stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Snorkel to Shipwrecks

You can see all the usual things off the coast of Hawaii, like coral reefs and fish, as well as some pretty fascinating creatures like black tip reef sharks and the endangered Hawksbill and Hawaiian green turtles (not to mention dolphins and humpback whales!).

However, that’s not what we’re interested in. Hire your snorkelling gear from Snorkel Bob’s (a steal at only nine bucks a week) and get yourself into the water off the coast of Lanai, and you can see a number of ships who have come a cropper on the rocky shores.

Also, if you’re lucky you might see some relics from the Second World War – there’s a landing craft down there, as well as at least one plane!

Kite Boarding

Whether you’ve gone the budget route with cheapflights.com or you decide to travel first class with British Airways, one thing everyone can agree on is just how incredibly FUN kite boarding is!

Hawaii is home to many of the most popular extreme sports, and kite boarding is one of the newest ones to be gaining a fan base. Basically, all you need is a small surfboard and a large kite. Connect the two together and you’re all set for lift off!

It’s like the crazy second cousin of wind surfing – you zip through the waves on your teeny tiny surfboard, powered only by the gusts of wind which pull at your kite, thus dragging you forward with not much in the way of control!

You can adjust the kite to help steer, as well as by leaning with your body, much like riding a bike. To become a pro, head to the Kite Boarding School on the island of Maui.

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