Fly in the Sky with Skydiving in India

Fly in the Sky with Skydiving in India

Are you a hardcore adventure enthusiast? Do heights and thrills excite you? Are you crazy enough to see the world from 10,000ft above the ground level? Do you want to fly in the air with nothing but only a parachute and want to hover above the clouds? Do you want to see the world from the bird’s eye? If YES, then this article is perfect only for you!

Skydiving comes under the category of extreme adventure sport. It is very risky,  but it’s the risk that sets your adrenaline pumping.

There are three types of dives that you can opt from:

Tandem jump

Tandem jump is the simplest form of skydiving. In this, the diver is connected to the instructor via a harness. Both have to jump together and the instructor guides throughout the whole jump also. This is the training method for beginners and of course it’s more expensive.

Static line jump

This is more difficult than tandem line jump. One has to jump alone with a parachute which opens immediately after 3 seconds, you jump off the plane. One instructor stays in the aircraft and other on the ground to help in landing. The jump is made from 3000-4000ft above the ground level.

Accelerated free fall (AFF)

 This is the most difficult and challenging one and needs a proper training. In this format, one has to perform a free fall from 10000ft above the ground level. There is no physical contact with the instructor once the parachute is deployed. The Instructor will do a free fall along with you and can help you when you need.

Here is the list of Five best destination to enjoy skydiving in India


Mysore is located at a distance of few hours from Banglore and is probably the best place in India for skydiving. It is nestled at the base of Chamundi Hills where one can opt for Tandem,Static line jump And AFF after professional training for 5-6 days. Those who have tried it will tell you how amazing it is.

Cost of Skydiving in Mysore

Static line jump- Rs.16,500 approx.

Tandem jump- weekdays- – Rs.25,500 and weekends – Rs.27,500 approx.

Accelerated free fall- Rs.31,500 approx.

Cost of videography- Extra & optional

Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

Pondicherry is one of the beautiful town of the country. It has a diversity of Indo-French colony. Well, if you are planning to go to the place, then why not fulfill it to the greatest extent. One free fall from the sky and you will see the beauty of this brilliant city in one go. Tandem jump and Static line are more common here.

Cost of skydiving in Pondicherry

Tendam jump- Rs.18,000 (1 jump) to – Rs. 62,000 (5 jump) approx.

Static line jump – Rs.27000 approx.

Dhana,Madhya Pradesh

Dhana is located about 200km away from the Capital of Madhya Pradesh. Dhana was where it all started. This city had the first ever, skydiving camp in India. It is the first and best place for adventure enthusiasts. Here you get options for Static line and Tandem jump. This beautiful town is situated at the east of Bhopal and is home to an air strip.

Cost of skydiving in Dhana

Tandem jump – Rs. 12,000 to Rs.20,000 approx.

Static line – Rs.40,000 approx.


Deesa is an amazing city in Banaskantha district in the state of Gujrat. It is situated on the east banks of the river Banas and popularly known as Juna Deesa. The Sports Authority of Gujarat and Indian Parachuting Federation organises several skydiving camps here. Deesa is the first place in India to have certified skydiving zone. It is one of the best destinations for skydiving in India providing all three types of jumps i.e. Static, Tandem and AFF.

Cost of skydiving in Deesa:-

Tandem jump- Rs.16,500 approx.

Static line- Rs.33,500rs approx.

AFF- Rs. 37,500rs approx.

Aamby Valley, Maharastra

If you are a true adventure enthusiast, then you possibly cannot miss Amby valley. It is something that will blow your mind. The nearest city to the valley is Lonavala. Here you can have the most thrilling experience surrounded by the beauty of the landscape beneath you. Skydive Ambey Valley provides and gives you an exciting information about skydiving. It is one of India’s best planned city, offering 10,000ft, Tandem jump only!

Cost of Skydiving at Aamby Valley:

Tandem jump- weekdays 25,000rs approx. & Weekends 30,000rs approx.

By- Parag Pandey

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