Exploring Your Autumn Holiday Options Online

Exploring Your Autumn Holiday Options Online


Autumn is often an ‘in-between season’ in that it’s no longer warm enough to head to the seaside yet too warm to be looking at skiing holidays just yet. However, there are parts of the world where you can find exactly what you’re looking for in autumn – an extended summer or an early winter – plus as there are usually fewer holidaymakers during autumn, those presented with the opportunity for an impromptu autumn holiday might like to take the following holiday ideas into consideration.

Brittany – Don’t let the absence of crowds fool you into believing you’ve made your way here at the wrong time of year, the weather in Brittany during late September and October is generally very good, and as it’s one of the quietest times of the year there’s often no better time to explore the delightful Breton countryside. Fans of Gauguin, the iconic French artist whose most famous works captured the essence of French Polynesia, might like to take note that much of his formative work took place around the Breton village of Pont-Aven, and that autumn is the best time of the year to experience this stunning region at its most spectacular.

Jordan – Although some tourists are understandably uncomfortable heading to this part of the world because of the situation in the Middle Eastern, Jordan is, however, very stable and it’s still a thriving destination for holidaymakers looking to experience some of the region’s most amazing sights – Petra, the Roman ruins at Jerash and the Dead Sea. The most popular way to arrange a holiday to Jordan is to join a week to ten day tour, which is ample time to see the sights and enjoy the culture this wonderful destination has to offer, plus the weather during autumn is splendid!

Lake District – Admittedly the weather around the Lake District can be hit and miss during autumn, but then again so too are many other destinations at home and abroad but at least when you’ve not traveled too far you’re better able to shrug off the wet weather, especially when you’ve arranged accommodation with a crackling fire. There are some splendid autumn colors to behold here during the autumn months, and many visitors are of the mind that the Lake District is at its most beautiful during autumn.

Oktoberfest – If you’re not worried about the weather and would like nothing better than to enjoy some of the world’s best beers being sampled in a very big way, then Munich probably has everything you’re looking for. There’s a lot more to do in Munich besides swill beer from very large mugs and make a fool of yourself, so if beer swilling revelry isn’t your thing you might like to take note that after the festivities end in early October, accommodation and airfares plummet and Munich becomes very affordable, plus the surrounding countryside is splendid in autumn.

New Forest – If you’d love to catch autumn at its most spectacular there’s no need to travel overseas when you’ve the wonders of autumn here at home. Like the Lake District, the New Forest has plenty to offer those looking for autumn colors with plenty of contrast and splendor. With ancient beech and oak trees, deer silently appearing in the early morning mist and a striking contrast of pale yellows, vivid reds and fresh forest greens, the New Forest is perfect for a short autumn break.

Thailand – Why not? Not only is the weather great at this time of year but it’s also one of the quietest times because British and European tourists are planning their holidays for winter when the weather at home is inhospitable. Whilst you could be unlucky and find yourself with a week of heavy rainfall, you could, however, enjoy brilliant weather with sunny days and temperatures of 24 – 34 degrees. However, you needn’t head all the way to Southeast Asia for a dose of sea and sun because there are numerous cruises to join closer to home that will provide you with a fix of clear blue skies and warm weather.

As you can see you needn’t stay at home this autumn for want of somewhere to go, so explore your many wonderful autumn holiday options online.

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