Enjoy the Aura at the Astounding Water Bridges of the World

Water bridges are the most efficient way of transporting goods and services across rivers. Water bridges are regarded important because it connects those places which had never been connected before. Professional engineers have made it possible by constructing strong aqueducts which are truly a wonder of modern engineering. There are many astounding water bridges in the world which gives serious travel goals, explore these amazing below mentioned water bridges and collect memories.

Edstone Aqueduct in England

Edstone Aqueduct in England

Edstone water bride is among the three water bridges which stand on a length of 4 miles and runs along the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal in Warwickshire. The height of the bridge is 152 metres above the sea level and the construction of the bridge was completed in 1799. Edstone is the longest water bridge in England. The Edstone Aqueduct crosses a very narrow road between the Birmingham and the North Warwickshire railway. The bridge also lays the foundation structure of the erstwhile Alcester Railway.The wonder fact about the canal is that it still holds water after nearly 200 years. Exploring this water bridge is like treating the senses as the view is really panoramic.

Avon Water Bridge in Scotland

Avon Water Bridge in Scotland

The Scottish engineer Hugh Baird designed the structure of the Avon Aqueduct on the advice of Thomas Telford in 1819. The canal carries the Union Canal over the River Avon, near Linlithgow, in Scotland. The total length of the bridge is 250 metres and is placed at a height of 26 metres above the sea level. There are total twelve spans in the bridge with the longest span being of 15 metres. It is the longest and tallest water bridge in Scotland and the second longest in England. This canal is an example of engineering achievement as it follows the outlines of the land all throughout its length. It only requires locks at the points where it joins the Forth and Clyde Canal.

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct – Great Britian

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct – Great Britian

Constructed in 1805, it is a highest navigable aqueduct in North East Wales. The literal meaning of Pontcysyllte is ‘Cysyllte Bridge’. It is a water bridge that holds the responsibility of carrying the Llangollen Canal over the valley of the River Dee in Wrexham County Borough. It is a very fascinating pathway for the pedestrians. This water bridge is quite narrow and allows only a boat to pass at a time. The total length of the water bridge is 307 metres long. The bridge is at a height of 126 feet above water and is the longest and highest water bridge in Britain. This water bridge has now become a popular tourist expedition spot.

Veluwemeer Water Bridge – Netherlands

Veluwemeer Water Bridge - Netherlands

The Veluwemeer water bridge connects the Netherlands to Flevoland and forms the largest artificial island of the world. The bridge was opened in 2002 and is a remarkable example of the exemplary labour of architecture and engineering. The water bridge is 25 metres long and 19 metres wide. Further, the construction of the bridge has been done in such a way that it allows small boats and other water vehicles to pass easily. For comfort of pedestrians, pedestrians’ walkways have been built on both side of the aqueduct.

Magdeburg Water Bridge – Germany

Magdeburg Water Bridge - Germany

The Magdeburg water bridge holds the glory of being the world’s longest navigable water bridge. The length of the bridge is over 918 metres and it connects the Elbe and Havel channels in Germany, located near Magdeburg. The aqueduct allows large commercial ships to pass between the Rhineland and Berlin. The bridge has been opened since 2003.

The Blue Water Bridge

The Blue Water Bridge

The Blue water bridge is an international aqueduct that spans across the St. Clair River and links Port Huron, Michigan, United States and Point Edward, Ontario, Canada. The total length of the aqueduct is 1,862 metres and has a main span of 281 metres. This aqueduct is jointly owned and maintained by Canada and United States. It is regarded as the second busiest crossing across Canada and United States. Moreover, it is a 6-lane carrier and with a height of 64 metres on westbound and 71 metres on eastbound.

Lune Aqueduct – England

Lune Aqueduct - England

The Lune aqueduct is one of the ‘Seven wonders of the Waterways’. It holds the responsibility of carrying the Lancaster Canal over the River Lune in Lancashire, England. The total length of the aqueduct is 202.4 metres and is at a height of 18.6 metres. Walkways have also been constructed on both sides of the water bridge for the pedestrians.  This amazing water bridge was built in 1797.

Barton Road Swing Bridge – England


The Barton road Swing Bridge is the only swing supporting bridge in the world. It is located in Great Manchester, England and connects the Bridgewater to the Manchester city canals. This bridge allows only the small boats which can pass over it and the large boats pass under it. The total length of the bridge is 59.3 metres.

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