Choosing Where to Spend Your Time: Itinerary Ideas for Holidays Australia

If there is one thing that can be challenging when you go away to Australia, it’s deciding where to visit. Getting the chance to go could be a once in a lifetime thing for you and there are so many incredible attractions and places that are must-see whilst you are there. Creating your own itinerary before you go is vital so you can experience everything you want to whilst you are away. With so many options, where do you start? Here are a couple of ideas to get your itinerary started.

#1: Jervis Bay is an incredible destination to be included in holidays Australia. It’s not far from Sydney either, so if you are flying into Sydney, then you can make this one of your first stops. You can opt for a spot of camping along the Nowra Shoalhaven and make the most of your time with the Animal Park. The destination itself is incredible and the wildlife makes the trip well worthwhile. You can enjoy Jervis Bay with its stunning blue waters and the whitest sand in the world for a relaxing start to your holiday.

#2: Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park is an incredible hotspot for geology fans and wildlife fans alike. The environment is desert and yet is home to a surprisingly wide range of wildlife, reptiles, and birds. The park itself is home to mainly reptiles and birds, but there are opportunities to see mammals as well; some endangered. This destination can suit many holidays Australia with the variety of things to see. The destination is a favorite amongst visitors to Australia and is a great place to include on your itinerary.

#3: Devils Marbles are a historical spot with a mystical story. The Devils Marbles are a collection of large, round, red boulders that were thought to have been fossilized eggs laid by the Rainbow Serpent after fashioning the Earth. The destination is considered sacred to the Aborigines. The rocks are made up of granite with a volcanic origin that has taken the form of boulders over a very long time in history. The Reserve comprises of a great amount of land that offers wonderful scenery, wildlife, and birds from Dingoes to Parrots. You can enjoy the history of holidays Australia and even choose to camp with facilities including barbeque areas available to use.

There are extensive attractions and sites that all must be seen when visiting Australia. The only way you can whittle the options down is by deciding what you personally really want to see. Do you prefer water sports or wildlife or a bit of everything? Planning your itinerary before you go take great research to make the most of your holiday, so make sure you consider this before you go. Utilize the help of a tour operator so you can at least get an idea of where you should be heading. Hopefully these few ideas will be a good starting point for you and give you an idea of what you need to plan for whilst there.

Holidays Australia can be full of the adventure you want, but that means you need to plan before you go. You can make your trip the trip of a lifetime with your own personalized itinerary to make the most of your time there.

Rachel is a freelance writer based in North Wales. Rachel has looked into holidays Australia for personal reasons and found many fascinating options in attractions. In her spare time; Rachel enjoys reading fiction and spending time with her partner.

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