Brussels A Trip Worth Remembering

Brussels A Trip Worth Remembering

Our college took us for a tour this year and although I have been to a lot of places but this trip was very amazing. In fact it was the best I had ever had and it certainly helped me a lot in creating the best memories of my life. I am sure everybody would agree that going for a trip to somewhere with your friends is and all of them are something that everybody certainly looks forward to. My happiness increased many folds when we heard that the destination we were going to was Brussels. I had heard about the beauty of this place from a friend who had been there with family and the stories he had to tell about the place were really amazing.

Brussels Maisons Grand Place

The first thing to do before going to any trip is to check for tickets and of course nobody likes to spend a lot of money on buying tickets.Our college administration board was responsible for our trip and they were able to find cheap tickets for us. This certainly made all of us very happy.

When we went there we were very lucky to have come in a time when they would do flower carpet making, I have never seen anything as beautiful as these huge spreads of flowers stretched over a very large area, it is not random placing of flowers, the color combinations and the arrangements are done in the most aesthetic manner. It is really nice that the airline prices are not high, this makes it very easy to travel and book tickets for this wonderful place.

Our next trip was to the museum of natural science, I know that many people find these places boring and the truth is that I was not very enthusiastic about it either. Once when I was there I realized how fascinating the place truly is and it is pretty cool to see the carcass of a dinosaur from so close and get a glimpse of their grandeur and glory of the past. Flights to Brussels like Air France are not rare and their frequency makes it very easy to book tickets according to one’s own convince and to be able to follow a schedule which we want to.


The food we got to eat in this place was absolutely amazing, we had some amazing meals and both fancy restaurants and small eatery joints are very good and serve some really delicious food. We sure were happy that we were able to find cheap flights to Brussels, if you also want to go for a trip or if your college is planning a tour you can certainly keep this place as a top most option and even get cheap tickets to Brussels.


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