Addis Ababa Travel Guide

Lowest flight deals for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is certainly one of the most effective economical epicenters in Africa. Considered as the heart of the nation, the city is completely blossoming like a “New Flower” and attracting tourists to book low cost flights to Addis Ababa to behold this flourishing charisma without any issue.

Home to more than 4 millions, this big cosmopolitan portrays a distinctive blend of modernity and antiquity of by-gone era. The city embraces contemporary architectures and sparkling boulevards sojourning amidst relic buildings, historical spots, churches, palaces, and a lot more too to each traveler arriving through cheap plane tickets to Addis Ababa. 

This Ethiopian downtown is attached to an entire world with a many international flights to Addis Ababa.  Mnay countries such as England are pretty well connected to this modern city too with best international airlines. Throughout the year, people boarding cheap flights to Addis Abba from London and land at the modernBoleInternationalAirport.

Thrilling Experiences at Addis Ababa Top Tourist Destinations:

Addis Ababa is blessed with plethora of charming tourist spots. Book cheap flight tickets from UK to Addis Ababa for the land of wonder. The City boasts of some of most enticing heritage sites and best symbols of nation’s majestic architecture, art and culture. Ethnological Museum , Ethiopia’s sole cultural museum situated in the former palace of Haile Selassie, is surely worth exploring and be certain to not to miss divine cathedrals of Trinity and St. George anyhow. Other top attractions in the city include but not limited to inspiring Netsa Village, Africa Hall, Ethiopia’s Parliament , historical Menelik’s Imperial ancient palace – simply a dream escape for family holidays and a perfect reason to reserve your seats on last minute flights to Addis Ababa.

Things to do in Addis Ababa are bountiful and fun filled. The city is an exclusive tourism spot for adventurous and wild life admirers. Choose a wild life safari in city’s national sanctuaries or head towards the spooky mountain range in the city where the city offers are unlimited fun through alarming opportunity of camping, climbing, jumping and hiking.

Fun Facts with Direct Addis Ababa Flights 

Being a popular host for enthusiastic tourists from all over, this magnetic town has developed a big array of local delicacies. Dig into numerous flavors from different parts of the world and the experience is sure to be hilarious. However, don’t forget to taste the lip smacking Ethiopian and African dishes.

The cultural melting pot of Addis Ababa has commenced itself as the country’s fashion capital as well. Get everything from authentic African or Ethiopian outfits to branded clothes in the lively market areas offering ultimate shopping options.

Addis Ababa, unquestionably, is a dream holiday destination with friends and family, honeymoon and weekend city breaks. Best thing about this dazzling tourist center is that you can get London cheapest flight to Addis Ababa flights with complete travel package from Crystal Travel within a jiffy only. Moreover, you can acquire latest travel deals on cheap hotel bookings and best car rental facilities in this majestic town from Crystal Travel website. So, get in touch straight today for an extravagant experience.

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