A Very Safe and Cozy Camp Out: Glamping in New York City


Camping in a tent under the stars is a wish for every urban dwelling hopeless romantic. It is not only for the star-crossed lovers or the star-crossed wannabe lovers. Included are the lovers of being in love and even those who simply love being in the romance capital of the USA. We are talking about Manhattan, New York.

Young urban professionals, businesspeople and just about anybody who loves to have a nice vacation camping out can now do so within homely distance from their city dwelling. Local urbanities and foreign executives in travel for business and pleasure can now have the glamping experience at the Affinia Gardens Hotel located at the Upper East Side of the empire state.


For those who are new to the term “glamping,” you are correct, it is the shorthand for glamorous, or luxurious, camping. This is how Urbandictionary.com defined it. Even Oxforddictionaries.com has an entry for the word. This latter definition is even insightful as it says it is a form of camping which involves accommodation and facilities which are more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. Clamping traces its roots way back in the early 1900s, but it is only in recent months that it became a trend in New York for its local and international tourists.

As far as glamping at Affinia Gardens is concerned, it has become this place’s preferred activity or, shall we say, accommodation as many of its guests would rather stay outside on the garden terrace than their sites so that they can clamp out with the stars above, the urban jungle horizon views and the cool night wind.


The unique camping experience comes with the luxurious food which includes strawberries, champagne, roasted marshmallow, melted chocolate sandwiched between a pair of Graham crackers. Glampers can also use in their tents the deluxe hotel bedding and pillows. One special kind of pillow has an embedded ultra-thin speakers from where music can be played as accompaniment to the glamping experience.

Affinia Gardens hotel envisions their glamping activity to become one which is a “bucket list” type. It is like a sunset by the bayside or ocean under the moon of the modern times. It could join the league of bungee jumping, sky walking, zip lining and sky diving; only that, almost anybody can do it, even the faint of heart. But the point is that it could be lined up with these events in terms of being a very memorable experience. Plus, not everybody can go to New York and do glamping, not everyday.

The hotel came up with the service because some families and couples who stayed there requested for a tent to be pitched outside their sites on their garden terraces for the camping feel but which is wildlife damage-free. The idea was like some of the modern techniques in coursework writing. The threat has become a trend in the empire state. To avail of this amenity at Affinia, simply book a stay at the terrace or patio suite. Such accommodation could entail costs, depending on the time of the year, as little as a nightly of $309 to $700.

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