A spiritual Journey in the lands of India & Nepal

A spiritual Journey in the lands of India & Nepal


India is a remarkable country with a rich blend of culture, traditions, faiths and beliefs. A land where several mythologies and legends perpetrates, India  impresses you with its religious culture. It is the land where Gautam Buddha preached his precious sermons and houses several of the sacred sited related directly or indirectly to him. A spiritual journey through the various stupas and trailing after the footsteps of Lord Budhha will offer you peace and the meaning truth of life. It takes you back to that time when a prince renounced the luxuries of the world and set off  to search the truth and knowledge. India Nepal Buddhist Tour promises to take you through all the sacred places where Lord Buddha traveled  during his search of truth and wisdom in the lands of India and Nepal.

Discover the lures of Buddhism in the Indian destinations of Rajgir, Bodhgaya, Nalanda, Sarnath and Kushinagar. These Buddhist sites are filled with sculptures and monuments that erupted during the time of Lord Budhha.  Many stories are connected to these locations which you will learn during the tour. Even though, he was born in Lumbini in Nepal as prince Siddharth, he came to the land of India in his pursuit of truth and knowledge. Bodhgaya is where, lord Buddha attained enlightenment under a tree. The place houses Mahabodhi temple now which was built by King Ashoka. He spent many years of his life in Rajgir and delivered several sermons which were penned also down here. Nalanda was an important center of Buddhist learning in the ancient times. His   last sermon was delivered in Vaishali which is another important pilgrimage place for Buddhists.

Buddhist tour also takes you to the land of  Himalayas, Nepal. Lumbini is the place in modern Nepal where Lord Buddha was born and one of the four holy sites of Buddhists. Visit the city of Kathmandu to pay your respects at the Swayambu nath stupa which is the oldest in the city. Also known as monkey temple, it is sacred among both Hindus and Buddhists. Boudha nath stupa is another pilgrimage site in Nepal. One of the largest stupa in the world, it is most holy site most Buddhist.

Offering a chance to visit all the places related to Lord Buddha, this pilgrimage steeped deeply in myth and history lets you experience spirituality and peace. Embark on an spiritual journey into the lands of India and Nepal just like the prince who was in search of the eternal truth of life and ultimate found his answers. Visit the sacred sites, seek blessings and get ready to experience the truth of life. This amazing journey filled with tranquility would undoubtedly be a life changing experience.

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