5 tips for choosing accommodation in Madrid

imageAlthough traditionally people have chosen hotels as their ideal form of accommodation, many are beginning to realize that there are other types of accommodation on offer that can offer a great holiday experience. One such form of accommodation are apartments in Madrid, which has quickly become an solution against the economical situation of most people. A majority of the apartments can be booked online and as such, some people may be unsure about making such bookings. Here are some pieces of advice for choosing great accommodation in Madrid:

1. Compare different accommodation websites online: If you see an apartment or hotel that you particularly like, make sure you check alternatives, never settle for the first thing you see as you can almost always find something better if you look a little harder. Especially with apartments. Because apartments are listed across several different websites, you may find the same apartment cheaper on another site than the one you originally saw it on.

2. Choose your ideal accommodation according to your needs: According to the type of trip that you’re looking to do, you will have different needs, and one street may be better for you than another. For example, if you’re on a business trip, you’ll definitely want internet access and a location close to your meetings. On the other hand, if you’re traveling as a family, you’ll surely prefer to be close to the peaceful Parque del Retiro and maybe for example, some board games when you’re back at the apartment. If you’re traveling with friends you’ll want to be close to Plaza del Sol, and maybe have your very own terrace to relax on and have a drink or two. You all may want to see a football match with Real Madrid, in which case you’ll want to look for apartments in Madrid near Santiago Bernabéu.

3. Look carefully at the policies of each business, especially cancellation policies: This thought usually eludes us, but it’s vital you know the conditions if anything goes wrong. What if someone falls ill? Each business will have its own policy, with some not returning money under any condition. other will return some, if not the full amount if you warn them in advance (varying from 24 hours to a week or two).

4. Check if the URL is secure: The last thing you want is booking accommodation only to find that your details have been stolen by a hacker. If the website uses HTTPS then the transfer of data is secure. Some apartment rental agencies use payment companies like PayPal or Skrill, that specialize in secure payments, this ensures that they are being made with complete security. In the very least, if the page where you are entering your credit card details doesn’t have a HTTPS in the url, don’t use it.

5. Care for the apartment as if it were your own home: Take in to account that a reservation is usually covered by a deposit. In the case that you damage the apartment, or you leave it in a complete and total mess, the deposit you left will be used to cover the damages. So it’s important that you remember this.

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